Nasolve Degreasing Solvent

Nasolve Degreasing Solvent

What are VOC’s?

Out on the market currently, there are many industrial degreasing solvents, but within those products there is a really high level of VOCs in those products. What is VOC? Well VOCs are volatile organic compounds that are made of many different chemicals and have extreme health effects that can affect people in the long term as well as in the short term. Most degreasing solvents carry high levels of VOCs, but there are also many products that do not. The Navsolve degreasing solvent prides itself in having lower levels in VOCs than other products on the market and is a smart decision to make a switch from other degreasers.

What are Degreaser Solvents?

Degreasing solvents are a popular used product, a degreasing solvent is a product used to clean surfaces and prepare it to be used for something else. Some industries that utilize degreasers solvents are:

  • Aerospace & Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Power Plants
  • Paint & Printing companies
  • Electronic Business
  • Military

U.S. Military Study

Navsolve cleans surfaces to be used for painting and other application processes. The U.S. Army conducted a study with our product Navsolve and its effectiveness to clean and repair different equipment on their bases. Some positive properties of Navsolve noted are:

  • Non-offensive odor
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Non-Ozone Depleting
  • HAP-free
  • VOC content – 19g/L

Also noting it as a clean air solvent, making it less harmful to the environment and people. Our product has environmentally friendly properties that also shows another reason businesses using regular products should switch over to Navsolve. The conclusion of their study on Navsolve when being used on different aircraft came down to points such as:

  • Improved efficiency of removing hydraulic fluid from composite surfaces and core structure in comparison to other cleaning products.
  • No issues with Navsolve other than longer drying times.
  • POTS results concluded that area cleaned with Navsolve exceeds in strength compared to undamaged area on the item it was tested on.

The Navsolve degreasing solvent is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable degreasing solvent compared to others on the market with high levels of VOCs. VOCs can be harmful to people in the short and long term so deciding to switch to a product like Navsolve can have a positive impact overall on everyone. If the results of the study and other helpful facts seem like switching to Navsolve would be good for you or your company you can follow the link to our product for more information here.