n-Propyl Bromide Replacement

n-Propyl Bromide Exposure Risks

In March 2013, National Toxicology Program (NTP) and a panel of experts unanimously voted to list 1-bromopropane, also known hazardous chemicalsas nPB, CAS # 106-94-5, as a “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen,” based on the animal studies presented by NTP to include as part of their 13th Report on Carcinogens (RoC). This coincides with a study by US Department of Defense to lower TLV-TWA to 0.1 PPM.

Vapor Degreasing

For almost 20 years, nPB served as a drop-in replacement for chlorinated solvents such as TCE and PERC to remove adhesives, greases, hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, oils, sealants and waxes in vapor degreasing operations.  Enviro Tech, Petroferm and Solvon are primary suppliers for bulk cleaning.

Currently, fluorinated blends (HFC, HFE and HFPO) offer much higher & safer work exposure limits (200 PPM versus 0.1 PPM) and added benefits of reduced material handling (i.e. stabilizing, acid acceptance testing and dumping/recharging solvent), energy reduction (almost 40%, 43C vs 71C), superior cleaning performance at a lower lifecycle cost of ownership.

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Aerosol Applications

nPB is readily used and packaged in aerosol cans for the effective removal of grease, oil, corrosion and sludge from gears, bearings, motors and contact cleaning where sensitive plastics are not involved. CRC® and LPS® are two primary aerosol providers of various blends with nPB. If you are using No Flash, Electra X or Electronic Degreaser, Super Degreaser it is time to switch and reduce your worker’s exposure to nPB.

Ecolink offers multiple custom blends that are safer, cost-effective and perform. Email or call 888-996-8436 ext 125.

Replacement by the Numberschalkboard

For vapor degreasing applications, the acquisition cost of nPB at $4-6/lb. compared to fluorinated options at $9-12/lb. is not the way to calculate replacement costs. Solvent bath life and process time (up time) will more than offset acquisition cost variance with most conversions generating positive ROI and cash flow in less than 12 months. For aerosol applications, cost $/can is flat. Fair market value:

Degreasing    = $12-22/can

Defluxing    = $9-18/can

Contact cleaning    = $15-25/can