Reliable Mineral Spirits Supplier

If you are looking for a reliable mineral spirits supplier that will provide you with a high quality, bulk supply of mineral spirits, for an affordable price, Ecolink can help. Mineral spirits are used for all kinds of applications from paint thinning and lacquers to industrial degreasing and wood cleaning, and finding a reliable supplier is very important. Chemical solvents are regularly used in most manufacturing and industrial facilities and it is very important to use high quality, high purity, stable chemicals, for the safety of your employees and your facility. When you purchase chemical solvents like mineral spirits from Ecolink, you can trust that you will receive a high quality product and expert advice, ensuring you get the best solvents for your needs.

What The Uses of Mineral Spirits

  • Paint Thinners – Mineral spirits can be used to break down and remove oil based paints from paint brushes, painting tools, and other surfaces in addition to being used to thin oil based paints. 
  • Industrial Cleaning – Mineral spirits are also great for cleaning, degreasing, and degumming machinery as they can easily break up gummy substances and debris. An added benefit of using mineral spirits for cleaning purposes as these, is that they have no odor, as to not irritate the user.  
  • Automotive – Mineral spirits can easily break up and remove dirt or oil build up from car and motorcycle parts such as engines, chains, motors, and more. 
  • Wood Working – Mineral spirits can also be used in wood cleaning and lacquers for wood surfaces.  Mineral spirits can be used to clean and refinish unpainted wood surfaces such as furniture or floors without causing damage. 

Need to Find A Mineral Spirits Supplier?

If you are looking for a reliable mineral spirits supplier, contact Ecolink today! Ecolink is a trusted provider of high quality chemicals and solvents, who prides themselves on providing top quality in an environmentally conscious manner.  Call us today or visit us online to learn more!