Methanol Uses in The Manufacturing Industry

Methanol: It is available!

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, powerful, and affordable solvent, look no further than Methanol. It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry as a cleaning agent, in the Military Industry, Power Generation Industry, and in vehicles as a source of fuel. Methanol primarily uses are: as a solvent, antifreeze, and as a source of environmentally friendly fuel.

Methanol uses in the Manufacturing Industry

Methanol is frequently used as a solvent in laboratories. It can be converted into formaldehyde which is then used to make products such as plastics, paint, and explosives. It can also be used as a solvent in the manufacture of cholesterol, streptomycin, vitamins, and hormones. Methanol is also applied to aerosol products in the formulation of automobile de-icers used, frosted door locks, glass windows, and other iced-over surfaces.

Methanol In Wastewater Treatments

Methanol is an environmentally friendly chemical. Small amounts of methanol can be used in wastewater. Methanol converts harmful nitrates to safer nitrogen throughout a process called denitrification. Did you know that around 200 wastewater treatment facilities across the United States are using Methanol in their denitrification process?

Using Methanol injections as an antifreeze

Thanks to its chemical properties, Methanol can also lower the freezing point of a water-based liquid and increase its boiling point, therefore, it is used as an antifreeze to keep cleaning fluids from freeing. Methanol is used as an inhibitor in natural gas pipelines, especially in cold climate facilities. It is injected in natural gas pipelines or enters the pipeline by methanol drips in order to reduce the freezing point of water during oil and gas transportation. The recommended amount of Methanol that should be injected can be calculated by using available tables. This chemical is one of the most economical solutions for preventing hydrate formations.

Other uses of Methanol

Methanol can be used as a source of fuel.  Did you know that It drastically reduces the emissions of toxins which makes it environmentally friendly and reduces the chances of vehicles explosion?  

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