MEK For Inkjet Printers

What are the benefits of MEK for inkjet printers?  MEK is often used in the production of inks, including that of inkjet printers. The benefit of using MEK in ink production, specifically for continuous inkjet printing, is that it provides a quick drying element. MEK has a high evaporation rate which means this ink will dry quicker than other inks. This is vital to continuous inkjet printing as the labels and paper are passed through the printer at a high speed. The quick drying ink produced with MEK helps to prevent smudging of important information. Inkjet printers are used to print a variety of different consumer labels, many of which contain important information. Proper use instructions, prescription label information, expiration dates of consumer goods, and much more are printed using inkjet printers and MEK ink helps to keep these important labels easy to read.  If you are in need of MEK for inlet printers, Ecolink can help.

Benefits Of Shopping MEK With Ecolink:

  • Quality – Ecolink is a trusted chemical provider who proudly supplies high quality, high purity, chemicals. The use of high quality chemicals and solvents is vitally important as it not only helps to ensure a higher quality product, but also keeps the users safe as you can trust they are working with stable, properly regulated chemicals. 
  • Affordability – Ecolink also works to provide these high quality chemicals for competitive pricing so that safety and quality never need to be sacrificed.
  • Bulk Supply – In addition to affordable prices, Ecolink also provides bulk quantities ranging from 5-55 gallons. This allows for further savings due to the benefits of bulk pricing, in addition to the convenience of having these large quantities on hand when needed. 
  • Expert Knowledge – Ecolink has years of experience to share with their customers to ensure you are receiving the best chemical product for your particular needs.

Need to find MEK for inkjet printers?

If you are in need of high quality, bulk MEK that won’t break the bank, contact Ecolink here! Ecolink and their knowledgeable team of experts is ready to help you find the best chemicals and solvents for your needs. Call Ecolink today to get started!