How to Find MEK Alternatives

How to Find MEK Alternatives

Methyl ethyl ketone, or MEK, has long been utilized by multiple industries as a cleaning agent, in the manufacturing of various materials, and in many household products.  

Though an effective solvent and widely relied on for these applications, companies are beginning to find that the chemical presents multiple several serious hazards, especially to workers with long-term exposure.  

With companies realizing the dangers of MEK, many are looking for MEK alternatives. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at eco-friendly substitutes for MEK that are not only safer for workers but also for the environment. 

Dangers of MEK 

Even though MEK gets the job done, it poses several health risks. Here are only some of the negative effects associated with exposure to this chemical: 

  • Can cause serious eye irritation and permanent damage 
  • Can cause serious respiratory irritation 
  • Can damage the central nervous system in high concentrations 
  • Can cause negative effects if inhaled, such as dizziness, coughing, wheezing, blurred vision, or even unconsciousness 
  • Repeated exposure can damage the brain  

Are there any MEK Alternatives? 

Those interested in or looking for low-toxicity solvents may not know where they can find MEK alternatives, but you are in the perfect place! 

 There are multiple options available that are just as effective if not more, such as: 

  • Acetone 
  • Preptone 
  • Dimethyl carbonate 

These products provide the effectiveness of MEK without compromising workers’ health and safety. Those looking for a specifically formulated replacement may be more interested in a product like Preptone 

What Is Preptone? 

In terms of MEK replacements, Preptone is the ideal option as a cleaning agent. Preptone is a quick-evaporating wipe solvent that incorporates high purity terpenes combined with acetone, creating a solvent with an even stronger performance than ketone solvents like TCE and MEK.  

The list of benefits of Preptone is as follows: 

  • Strong non-polar solvency, ideal for stubborn soils and sealants 
  • Clean evaporation 
  • Broad spectrum solvency due to the polar solvency of acetone being synergistic with the terpene component 
  • Ideal for pre-paint cleaning and preparation 
  • No halogenated or ozone-depleting substances  
  • The acetone component is VOC exempt, while the non-exempt component has a very low VOC content.  
  • Compatible with all metals and some plastics 

Interested in Preptone and Other Eco-friendly MEK Alternatives? 

If you are interested in Preptone or chemicals with low toxicity to replace hazardous solvents like MEK, you are in the right place! You can reach out to our staff at Ecolink and see if you are eligible to try a sample of Preptone for your industrial/business needs by clicking here