Medical Industry Cleaners for Critical Degreasing: FAQ

Medical industry cleaners comprise a category of cleaning solvents that are used to clean medical equipment of various sorts. Degreaser is one type of solvent that falls within the category. If this is your first time shopping for degreaser for critical cleaning of medical equipment, you may have some questions regarding critical degreasers. The answers below can help.

 What is the official definition for critical parts degreasing?  

 Critical parts degreasing is the process of using a degreaser to remove “sub-micrometre particles and non-volatile residue measured in Angstroms” (Wikipedia). The process is typically performed in a clean room environment. The maximum allowed soil for critical cleaning is ? 5 mg / m² (1). “Critical cleaning” is the highest level of cleaning for any type of equipment.

How do standard degreasers and critical degreasers differ?

Most standard degreasers are formulated to perform “intermediate cleaning” and “final cleaning”. As mentioned above, these types of cleaning provide a lower level of soil removal than “precision cleaning” and “critical cleaning.” If you need to perform critical degreasing on medical equipment, a standard degreaser will not suffice. Using a degreaser made for critical cleaning is the only option.

Is it necessary to use precision degreasers in a parts washer?

No. However, using a parts washing system is an easy way to ensure that parts are cleaned according to the definition of critical cleaning. Parts that have simple geometrical designs are easier to clean outside of a washing system than parts that have complex geometrical designs. It’s optimal to clean the latter type of parts using an industrial grade parts washer.

What if I can’t find a degreaser for parts with multiple materials?

This is common problem organizations un into when they first start shopping for a critical degreaser. Metal, rubber, and plastic — and different grades of these materials — are commonly found in a single part. If you can’t find stock medical industry cleaners that meet your needs, working with Ecolink to develop a custom precision cleaning solution is the best option.

How do I know whether a precision degreaser is eco friendly?

Eco friendly medical industry chemicals fall within two basic categories: solvents that are “environmentally safe” and solvents that are “environmentally prefered”. These classifications apply to degreasers containing no ingredients the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) bans, regulates, as well as no ingredients that the EPA is slated to ban or regulate in the future.

Need Medical Industry Chemicals for Critical Degreasing?

If so, Ecolink is a great place to find them. We offer several types of stock degreasing solutions, and we routinely formulate custom degreasers that match customers’ unique requirements. Medical equipment needs the level of degreasing that only critical cleaning can offer. We can provide a degreaser that performs according to the strict requirements for this level of cleaning.

To get started on evaluating your options for medical industry chemicals for degreasing, please call us today at 800-563-1305, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to presenting you with dynamic, industrial grade degreasing solutions for a great price!