Medical grade alcohol

Best Uses For Medical Grade Alcohol

Need to Buy Medical Grade Alcohol?

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Who Needs Medical Grade Alcohol?

Medical grade alcohol serves several purposes in places like hospitals, doctors offices, in-patient care facilities, and even first aid kits in homes or schools. The difference between medical grade alcohol and standard isopropyl alcohol, is that medical alcohol is a more concentrated, purer form of IPA that is 99% alcohol. Primarily used to sanitize, medical grade alcohol can be used for everything from cuts and scrapes to cleaning medical tools and equipment. If you work in a facility that uses large amounts of medical grade alcohol, you want to be sure that you have a great supplier that will provide you with a high quality product, and has the ability to provide bulk supplies. When you purchase medical grade alcohol from Ecolink, who is a trusted, eco friendly bulk chemical supplier, you get all of this and more. 

What is Medical Grade Alcohol Used For?

  • First Aid – Whether you are in a hospital or school nurses office, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean and sanitize minor lacerations before bandaging. This helps to prevent infection and aid the healing process. Similarly, medical grade alcohol can also be used to sanitize skin prior to administering injections.
  • Cleaning – 99% alcohol can also be used to clean medical equipment. Everything from exam tables, to small tools, and even large medical machinery can be cleaned and sterilized with medical grade alcohol. Alcohol is cost effective and safe to use making it the obvious choice when deciding on a cleaning agent.