Low VOC Cleaners that Safety Consultants will Love

Volatile Organic Compounds, also called by their acronym VOCs, are chemicals that have a considerably high vapor pressure even in ordinary room temperatures. The high vapor pressure is a result of having a low boiling point, which in turn causes molecules to be released into the air. EcolinkImageWhile not all VOC’s are harmful, there are plenty of VOC’s that are considered hazardous, consequently leading to negative effects on people who are in close proximity or come into contact with the noxious gases, as well as having negative consequences on the environment. Dangerous VOCs are classified as “high Volatile Organic Compounds,” whereas the non-hazardous ones are called “low Volatile Organic Compounds.” Even today, with the finding of green alternative industrial cleaners that have a low VOC count, some industrial companies are still using chemical compounds with a high VOC count, and are placing its workers at risk as well as hurting the environment.

Safety consultants, such as those found at Ecolink, have been working hard to inform and educate industrial businesses of the potential ramifications of continued use of high VOC cleaners, of which include injuries to employees and severe penalties, such as large fines and the shutting down of your business. For whatever reason, some businesses still have not come around to the fact that low VOC cleaners are available that clean and degrease parts, metals, and materials as well as, even better than any industrial cleaners on the market. There are numerous low VOC cleaners that safety consultants would love to tell these industrial businesses about, and then effectively help those organizations transition away from high VOC cleaners that harm people and the environment.

If you are an industrial business that uses industrial cleaners to rid your products of dirt, dust, stains, grime, grease, oils and other particles that could potentially render products ineffective, but are unsure of whether you are using a low of high VOC cleaners, you need to contact a safety consultant such as Ecolink right away.

Ecolink is a business that helps industrial organizations make the change from high VOC cleaners to low VOC cleaners, ultimate placing their employees out of any potential dangers and keeping the environment clean and healthy. Ecolink has been in the business of helping these types of businesses for years, and they can help you achieve a successful transition to a low VOC cleaner that not only safety consultants will live, but your business will love because it accomplishes a clean that tends to be more efficient than older cleaning agents with a high VOC count.   EcolinkImage

All it takes is a simple phone call to Ecolink, and their professionals will be happy to evaluate your industrial cleaning solvents. If your company happens to be using a high VOC cleaner, Ecolink professionals will help you switch to a low VOC cleaner that everyone – both safety consultants and the company using the product ­– can agree on, rely on, and love moving forward.