Jorie Kohl Internship

Jorie’s Internship Experience

Did the Internship Meet My Expectations? 

The Ecolink internship did meet my expectations! I was a little nervous at first because it was my first internship and I wanted to do well, and it was incredibly helpful that everyone was very nice, understanding, and supportive. I also found that I learned many things about myself and also about the skills I needed to succeed in the workplace in the future.  

Learning Experience 

I would definitely say that the internship was a big learning experience for me. I learned about Search Engine Optimization and also about Google Analytics. Both of those are important to understand regardless of what writing field you go into. I also learned how to set goals for myself and how to keep a timesheet that didn’t involve punching in and punching out every day for a scheduled amount of time. I learned more about how to research keywords and how to properly format a blog post!  


The Ecolink internship was fun and a learning experience and there is very little I would change. The Teams meetings were helpful and the messaging on Teams also helped me contact someone quickly and reply quickly about any questions.  

If I were to make a change, I would probably make a general sheet that was separate from the rolling agenda to put general information on. It would include things like assignment days and due-days for blogs, directions on how to read an assignment spreadsheet, and various Q and A material. This would help people who forgot things that were gone over verbally or who absorbed information better in a written format. It would also be a handy thing to check back on so fewer questions would have to be sent and answered. 

Favorite Parts 

My favorite part of the internship was probably researching eco-friendly topics. I am an ecologically conscious person and so finding solutions to problems or highlighting safer alternatives to traditional practices made me feel like I was making a difference in informing others. I also liked learning about plant extraction. I have long loved plants and I grow my own herbs and teas so learning more about how oils are made and plant extracts come about was exciting to me!  

I had a lot of fun learning about the uses of chemicals and growing professionally during this internship. I feel better equipped for the job market and I also feel like I know myself better regarding how I function best and what my needs are, and I can apply that knowledge to improving both my writing and myself!  

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