Is your Company Working on Pollution Prevention?

pollution preventionA lot of people enjoy planting vegetation, herbs, and other types of plants for many reasons, including aesthetics and, more importantly, food and nourishment. However, these human pleasures can be adversely affected when the water and soil becomes polluted by the ignorance and wasteful methods of industrial companies that are polluting the water and soil with chemical solvents. The problem resides when the harmful chemical solvents permeate into waterways and leach into ground water systems, which consequently leads to serious water and soil polluting, and, in turn, creates damaging on human and wildlife health, along with the health of the environment. Some chemical solvents that business use, mostly for cleaning parts, metals, and materials, are so hazardous that some have been identified as carcinogenic, which is deadly, and could cause reproductive defects and even damage vital organs. Because water and bountiful soil are the main ingredients of feeding agricultural productivity, the polluting of these two invaluable resources with excess nitrates and phosphates could kill vegetation, or even contaminate the food growth from the vegetation, which is consumed by humans, who are now unknowingly putting toxins in their bodies. In the past couple of decades, findings of nitrogen and phosphorus in soil stemming from chemical waste produced by industrial businesses has quadrupled.

How do industrial companies negate polluting our water, soil, and air with these contaminants? First, industrial companies need to identify preventive measures. Some preventive measures include using eco friendly, green alternative chemical solutions that minimize, and, in some instances, eliminate the use of toxins. Ecolink offers comprehensive information regarding eco friendly, green alternative chemical solutions to which industrial businesses can transition, especially if the company is currently using hazardous chemical components. In addition, there is far too much waste when using chemical cleaning solvents. Industrial businesses purchase far too much chemical solvents at a time, which wind up being wasted, dumped, and tossed, or even used in excess, which consequently leads to more water, air, and soil pollution. Industrial companies should look into chemical leasing options that directly reduce chemical waste and pollution. A leasing agreement allows industrial companies to receive only the necessary amount of chemical products, as long as that industrial business buys solely from the seller. This is an excellent method of preventing water, air, and soil pollution brought on by chemical solvents.

If your industrial company requires additional information on methods that help prevent pollution, as well as finding eco friendly, green alternative chemical solvents, consulting with Ecolink will lead to the identification of products, procedures, and resources that, together, provide successful ways to significantly reduce, and perhaps even eliminate pollution. Ecolink knows how to install methods that help prevent pollution.