Is your Company Buying too many Chemicals?

The purchasing of excess chemical cleaners by industrial businesses is a trend, and also a serious problem that needs to stop as soon as possible. Why? Research and test results have proven that excess, or the bulk purchasing of chemical by industrial organizations is one of the leading causes of chemical waste in the United States. Bulk chemical purchasing also leads to an increase in chemical spills and accidents, environmental contamination, and health risks associated to overexposure of chemical products. All of these named problems that result from the bulk purchasing of chemical solvents could lead to serious consequences – scenarios from which an industrial business might never recover. The consequences occurring from bulk purchasing is why organizations such as Ecolink are spreading the word to industrial businesses that alternative choices exist that no longer require companies in need of chemical solvents to purchase excess solutions.

The first scenario industrial organization need to look into is incorporating a recycling program that enables industrial facilities to capture and recycle for later use the chemical solvents that, for any of a number of reasons, are lost or not utilized during parts cleaning operations. Rather than chalking up lost chemical solvents as merely ‘that’s just the way it is,’ industrial companies need to do something about it, since it has become an occupational hazard due to all the risks associated with chemical waste. Installing a chemical recycling system is a direct solution to combating the problems of chemical waste, and the problems that arise from that waste. Recycling chemical waste also empowers industrial businesses with a solid way to save on money, as the company will not have to purchase nearly the amount of chemical solvents it used to before implementing a recycling program. Instead, you reuse the chemical solvents that would have otherwise been lost. So now, your industrial business is utilizing programs that make your workers and facilities, as well as the environment safer, and you are, at the same time, saving your business a lot of money.

Another way to reduce the amount of chemicals your industrial company is purchasing is to enter an accord, or contractual obligation with chemical suppliers that offer such a unique deal. With a contract in place, such as the one Ecolink offers to its customers, your business only needs to purchase the amount needed, because the supplier knows you are only purchasing chemical products directly from them. Suppliers that do not have a contract with a customer, or do not offer contracts, force customers to purchase in bulk, or in large quantities, in order to extract maximum revenue from the deal. This method is only opportune for the supplier, and not for the customer, because the customer ends up overspending for chemical solvents that will either sit on the shelf for so long it may expire, or will wind up being tossed out as chemical waste. The latter scenario can be disastrous, as this blog has already discussed.