Is Acetone The Same as Denatured Alcohol?

While acetone and denatured alcohol are both chemical solvents used in various forms of cleaning, degreasing, and even in the production of some of the same products, they are two different chemical compounds. Denatured alcohol is an ethanol based alcohol that contains additives not fit for consumption, while acetone is a naturally occurring chemical compound, purely made up of carbon, hydrogyn, and oxygen.  While the two chemical compounds are similar and can be used in some of the same ways, there are some distinct differences between acetone and denatured alcohol.

Acetone VS Denatured Alcohol

  • One of the biggest differences between acetone and denatured alcohol is that acetone is a non-toxic, organic, naturally occurring chemical compound, while denatured alcohol is ethanol based and has denaturants added to it, making it poisonous if consumed.
  • While acetone is not the same as denatured alcohol, they are used in some of the same processes. Both solvents can be used in the production of plastics, cleaning, degreasing, and as an additive for fuel.
  • While there is overlap some, there are industries or uses exclusive to either acetone or denatured alcohol. Acetone is safe to be used for pharmaceuticals, cleaning painting tools, and cleaning animals after oil spills, and denatured alcohol has uses in, aerosoles, rubbers, and antifreeze.
  • To physically compare and contrast acetone and denatured alcohol, both substances are clear liquids that are highly flammable. However, the two do differ in scent. Acetone has a very mild and distinct smell, while denatured alcohol has a sweeter, pleasant scent.

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