Why Make Ecolink Your IPA Chemical Supplier?

Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is one of the most used chemical compounds for industrial cleaning. In addition to being used in its original form, the compound serves as an efficacious ingredient in various solvents that feature blends of multiple chemicals.

Due to its plentitude and broad range of application, industrial-grade IPA is available from hundreds of solvent suppliers in the U.S. alone. With so many options on the table, why should you make Ecolink your trusted IPA chemical supplier? There are five good reasons.

1. Solvents With No EPA Regulated Ingredients

Implementing a solvent with EPA regulated ingredients generally means you can’t use a large volume of the solvent regularly. It’s also important to note that using a solvent with ingredients that are scheduled for regulation by the EPA will eventually lead to the same situation. We provide environmentally-prefered solvents that contain no EPA regulated ingredients.

2. Container Seals That Prevent Vapor Emission

Industrial grade IPA is usually 99% pure isopropyl alcohol. However, when the compound is placed inside a storage container, its purity — and thus its efficacy — can diminish due to vapor loss caused by the vapor density of the compound. Our industrial grade IPA arrives in containers designed to prevent IPA from evaporating during shipping and storage.

3. Option of Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

If you need a blended solvent that contains IPA, and you can’t find a stock solvent that’s exactly the right fit, creating a custom IPA solvent is the solution. We can custom blend an IPA cleaner that meets your precise cleaning requirements, and supply the solution in the volume you need, on the schedule you require.

4. Free Test Sample Prior to Purchasing Solvent

The best way to assess how a solvent performs is to try before you buy. This is why we offer free samples of any solution you’re interested in using. The IPA solvent you plan to order may look perfect on paper, but why not try it out and see if it performs perfectly based on your requirements? To order a free sample, visit the Request Sample page on our website.

5. Order Various Amounts on Various Schedules

Industrial IPA users frequently need IPA in large volumes, but not always. This is why we offer containers that have different supply volumes. We also offer scheduled shipments and shipments on an as-needed basis, giving you the flexibility to order the amount of solvent you need, when you need it.

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Choosing an IPA chemical supplier should be an educated decision. When you consider everything you could need from an IPA chemical supplier now and in the future, we feel confident that Ecolink will be your strongest supply options for IPA and IPA-based solvents.

To place an order, or to learn more about the benefits of making us your IPA chemical supplier, call us today at 800-563-1305, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to helping you tackle your toughest IPA cleaning needs!