Industrial Degreasers – Getting Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Several common cleaning products that can be found in homes and are purchased by unsuspecting people contain hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emit smog-forming chemicals and can be harmful to anyone who comes in contact with the noxious gas. All-purpose cleaners and industrial degreasers, as well as specialty products can pollute indoor air quality and might cause respiratory illness, along with eye and skin irritation to those who are around it frequently, particularly janitorial and other cleaning staffs. Substituting traditional, yet harmful cleaning products for ecofriendly cleaning solutions and safer industrial degreasers improves air quality and protects the health and safety of individuals exposed to the chemicals they emit, as well as the environment.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions from cleaning products occur when propellant and organic solvents evaporate. Released chemicals remain in the air for an entire day, and often times longer. For example, in the greater Chicago area, twenty tons of VOCs are released into the air from the use of cleaning products each day. It is estimated that for every one hundred janitors who switch to more environmentally friendly (green) cleaning products, VOC emissions will drop by one ton per year. Studies have also shown that the use of “green” cleaning products reduces the incidents of health problems among janitorial staffs. It has also been proven that green alternative cleaning solutions are less expensive.

Who should get ecofriendly cleaning solutions and safer industrial degreasers? Any person who uses cleaning products at home or work (industrial degreasers) should replace hazardous, VOC emitting degreasers and cleaning products with green alternatives and safer products, such as ecofriendly cleaning solutions. In addition, those who truly care about making a difference with safer degreasers and solvents should join Clean Air Counts—a Chicago region clean air initiative.

The benefits of using low VOC cleaning products include significantly lower emissions of smog-forming chemicals into the air from VOCs, much improved health safety for individuals using these industrial degreasers and solvent products. To those who might still be on the fence regarding these green alternatives or are concerned that these ecofriendly cleaning solutions are more expensive, explain that Low VOC cleaning products have been proven to cost less. Though saving money is quite important, the main reason for switching to ecofriendly cleaning solutions should be to protect people and the environment.

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