Does your Industrial Cleaning Solvent make your job easier? If not, you need Emerald HD 2!

Lean, Mean Cleaning Solution – Seriously Clean, Seriously Green

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Cleaning should not be a time consuming chore that takes the majority of your time and energy while at work. Available now is the Emerald HD 2, a heavy duty, mildly alkaline, general-purpose maintenance cleaner intended for industrial and institutional cleaning tasks! This low foam cleaner has a list of impressive properties and attributes, a few of which are listed below.



• Recognized by the Design for the Environment Program (DfE) for offering improved health and environmental characteristics
• VOC of less than 5%
• Low foam formulation
• Easily waste treated
• Contains no fragrances or dyes
• Non-flammable
• Non-chlorinated, non-petroleum, and no caustics
• Biodegradable surfactant system derived from sustainable resourcesheavy duty general purpose


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Maximum Cleaning Power, Minimum Safety Risk

Emerald HD 2 is a water-soluble liquid that is non-flammable and free of petroleum and chlorinated solvents, caustics, or phosphates! This cleaning solution has a unique formulation that offers emulsification and dispersion on a variety of oils, fats, and particulate soils.

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Emerald HD 2 can be used by anyone involved in industrial or institutional type work. Individuals performing machinery cleaning such as stamping, drawing, and milling can benefit from adding this heavy-duty liquid solvent to their cleaning tasks. Transportation cleaning and steam cleaning would also improve with the use of this industrial cleaning solvent. This liquid solution can be used in a variety of applications, including as a spray on, wipe on, brush on cleaner, or even as a soak cleaner. The possibilities for this ecofriendly solution are endless!

Emerald HD 2 is better, safe, and faster than the heavy-duty solutions currently available from other manufacturers. How is this general-purpose cleaner better? The solvent contains no chelators, which can cause issues with wastewater treatment. How is this mildly alkaline liquid safer? It contains no Sodium Hydroxide that can irritate the skin, eyes, and throats of workers. How is this heavy-duty solution faster? The multipurpose cleaner is as fast (if not faster) as caustic containing cleaners!

To prove our critical cleaning liquid is better than the rest, check out some of the competing cleaning products in the table below and see for yourself!

Company Product Name Description URL
Liquid Performance Industrial All Purpose Cleaner The All Purpose Cleaner is a blend of non-toxic, biodegradable surfactants that break down grease, oil, grime, etc. and release them from any surface for easy cleaning.
Toyron Technologies AmKleen 55 A concentrated, all-purpose water-soluble cleaner/degreaser designed to be effective on a variety of surfaces.
Sky Products Cleaner 10 Industrial cleaner that has passed all OSHA standards to obtain a zero rating for health hazards, reactivity, and flammability.

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Still not convinced that this water-soluble cleaner could solve your industrial cleaning problems? Call or email Jackie to find out how you can receive a FREE sample of Emerald HD 2 today! See the results for yourself! We have told you why this industrial cleaning solution is better, safer, and faster—now let us show you why!


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