How Can Green Chemistry Make Industrial Cleaners Safer?

green chemistryThe concept of green chemistry involves the design of chemical products and processes that work to reduce or eliminate the generation and emission of hazardous liquids, gases, and harmful substances. Due to the success, strides, and progress of green chemistry concepts, and its influence on significantly reducing the use of potentially harmful industrial cleaners – making the cleaners safer to use – the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is striving to speed the legal adoption of this revolutionary and innovative eco friendly discipline. Why is the EPA working so quickly to adapt this measure into a federal mandate? Because analysis of green chemistry implementation has led to empirical evidence that areas of significant environmental benefits are directly related to the green chemistry concepts that have been put in place in those specific locations. In fact, a research report exists, provided by Pike Research, which concluded that, if green chemistry concepts are encouraged nationwide for the purposes of making industrial cleaners safer, green alternative chemical will save the industry 65.5 billion dollars by 2020.

The concept of green chemistry applies across the entire life cycle of a chemical product, which includes the chemical’s design, method of manufacturing, utilization, and, at the end of the chemical’s use or life cycle, disposal. Green chemistry is also called sustainable chemistry by scientists and those involved in industry. Other benefits and advantages to green chemistry involve the prevention of pollution at the molecular level, the application of innovative scientific solutions to real-world environmental problems, the resulting in source reduction because it prevents the generation of pollution, and the reduction of the negative impacts of chemical products and processes on human health and the environment. In addition, green chemistry lessens and sometimes even eliminates hazards from existing products and processes, as well as aides in the design of chemical products and processes to reduce their intrinsic hazards. Green chemistry is a philosophy that applies to all areas of chemistry, not merely a single discipline of chemistry, as it relates to industrial cleaners. However, the ability to make industrial cleaners safer is definitely one of the most integral aspects of green chemistry.

To learn more about the importance of green chemistry as it pertains to improving industrial cleaner safety, contact Ecolink – a company invested in harvesting eco consciousness industrial businesses that depend on industrial cleaners to clean parts, metals, materials, and many other industrial products. Ecolink works to promote and educate the validity and importance of green chemistry, offering evidence to industrial organizations of the myriad advantages of incorporating green chemistry, which leads to making industrial cleaners safer. An Ecolink professional will be happy to explain the principles of green chemistry, and why transitioning to safer industrial cleaners will be one of the best investments your industrial organization will ever make.