Simple Clean

The Benefits of Tidal SimpleClean

If you have been in the market for multi-purpose green degreasers, Tidal SimpleClean is the perfect product for you. This alkaline solution, primarily composed of 2-butoxyethanol (5%-10% by weight) and a proprietary surfactant blend (1%-5% by weight), efficiently removes mold, mildew, grease, and dirt from a variety of surfaces, such as grills, stovetops, sinks, carpets, engines, and vehicles.  

How to Use Tidal SimpleClean 

Because Tidal SimpleClean is a powerful cleaner, spot test it on a small portion of the desired surface before applying. Refer to its Safety Data Sheet for guidelines on how to properly and safely use the product, as well as what to do if spills or eye/skin contact occur.   

The degree to which Tidal SimpleClean should be diluted depends on what surface is being cleaned. For surfaces such as grills, ovens, sinks, wheels, and concrete, it can be used without dilution. For stovetops, toilets, and general cleaning, it should be diluted to a 1:10 concentration. For vehicles, vinyl floors, stainless steel, carpets, and walls, it should be diluted to a 1:30 to 1:50 concentration. Finally, for glass, mirrors, and windshields, it should be diluted to a 1:150 concentration. 

Fully wet down the surface to be cleaned. Apply Tidal SimpleClean and let sit for 1-2 minutes. Then, rinse off. Do not allow Tidal SimpleClean to dry on the surface before rinsing. Additionally, heavily soiled surfaces may require scrubbing prior to rinsing.  

Benefits of Green Degreasers

Some of the excellent benefits of Tidal SimpleClean include:  

  • Nonflammable 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Low instability 
  • Low toxicity 
  • Pleasant sassafras scent 
  • Safe for a wide range of surfaces 
  • Available in three bulk sizes, perfect for industrial use 
  • Can be diluted with hot water or cold water  

Interested in Buying Green Degreasers?  

If so, check out Tidal Washers. A division of Ecolink, Inc., Tidal Washers is a trusted provider of commercial cleaning solutions. In addition to multipurpose cleaners like Tidal SimpleClean, we also supply butyl degreasers, non-butyl degreasers, masonry cleaners, defoamers, and more. Like Ecolink, Tidal Washers prioritizes the use of environmentally friendly ingredients in all of our products. Plus, our cleaning solutions are available in multiple bulk quantities, making it easy to select the best size for your company’s operations.  

Our team of chemists is always happy to chat with customers. Please contact Tidal Washers by filling out our contact form or calling 800-563-1305. We look forward to helping you!