Thomas Brennan

Getting to Know Thomas Brennan

Getting to Know Thomas Brennan 

Thomas Brennan is currently a freshman at Christopher Newport University and is one of Ecolink’s five-hundred-dollar scholarship recipients. We wanted to get to know a bit more about Thomas and his winning essay, so we asked. Here’s what we learned about Thomas:? 

Thomas is in his first year at Christopher Newport University where he belongs to the President Leaders Program. This organization is focused on giving back to the community through food drives, staffing food kitchens, and volunteering at the local SPCA. Thomas has not declared a major yet but is considering psychology or possibly something in the STEM field. His scholarship award from Ecolink will go toward covering his tuition bill.

For Thomas, the most important part of protecting the environment involves raising awareness. Thomas says, “Once you have enough people to care about the issue, the easier it is to make change happen.” Thomas’ blog on the Chesapeake Bay will certainly help to raise that awareness. 

When we asked Thomas where he plans to settle after graduation, he said it really depends on where a job offer takes him. He prefers the country or a mountainous area but will follow his career path.

Thomas’s advice to others: “Don’t ignore the changes, global warming is real, not a hoax. We all have to do our part.”

Ecolink is proud to award Thomas this scholarship and we wish him future success in college and in being a good steward of our planet. We hope Thomas’ career takes him back to nature!

You can catch Thomas’ winning essay here.