Naomi Davis

Getting to Know Naomi Davis

Naomi Davis is a student at the University of Central Florida, studying social work. She is one of Ecolink’s six $500 scholarship recipients. We wanted to get to know a bit more about Naomi and her winning essay, so we asked. Here is what we learned about Naomi:

Naomi is a new student at Auburn University of Montgomery where she will major in social work. She plans to be a licensed clinical social worker so that she can help others and she would love to start her career in either Texas or Florida.

As a new college student, Naomi is taking her time to enter extracurricular activities while she adjusts to academic life. Starting college brings numerous incidental expenses so Naomi plans to use her scholarship money towards tuition.

Naomi is passionate about protecting the environment and believes the biggest danger to the environment is the carelessness of humans. She says, “We have a tendency to take Earth for granted.” For her part, she will continue to help the environment by using natural resources and products that will cut down on pollution and waste.

When asked what she would share with others over her environmental concerns? “Treat the environment like your house or apartment. You wouldn’t want pollution there, so don’t create it somewhere else.”

Ecolink is proud to award Naomi this scholarship and we wish her much success serving others in her career as a social worker. We look forward to seeing Naomi happily settled in Texas, Florida, or wherever her career and journey takes her!

Check out her winning essay here!