Getting to Know Kellina Brennan

Kellina Brennan is currently a senior in high school and is one of two of Ecolink’s one-thousand-dollar scholarship recipients. We wanted to get to know a bit more about Kellina and her winning essay, so we asked. Here’s what we learned about Kellina: 

As a high school senior, Kellina is looking forward to starting college in the fall and will use her Ecolink scholarship award to help pay tuition. As a senior, she participates in the school science club, and the national honor society, both of which actively involve community service and giving back to others. She passes her free time doing crafting, crocheting, and sewing.

In college, Kellina hopes to major in computer science and will look for different clubs and volunteer activities to continue her work improving the environment. Upon graduation, she would love to work in a city environment in the northeast for a little while. She’s considering Washington D.C. or Boston.

Kellina was inspired to write her essay because she values our environment. She thinks everyone can play an important part by showing compassion towards the environment at the most basic level. “People care more when things touch them personally, but the environment touches all of us personally. We need to foster conservation and compassion toward the environment,” she said.

Kellina’s advice to anyone promoting environmental change is as follows: “Educate yourself, learn what you can do on a small scale, the little things in your life, but also think how you can help to make a political change on a larger scale.” 

Ecolink is proud to award Kellina this scholarship and we wish her future success in college and in being a good steward of our planet.  We can’t wait to see where Kellina’s journey takes her!  

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