Flux Removers: What Are They, and How Do They Impact Safety?

Flux is a product that is applied to glass, metal, and other materials that undergo a high-temperature heat treating process to achieve a specific result, such as annealing glass to shape it, or brazing metal pieces to form a stable assembly. Available in paste or semi-aqueous form, flux is applied to the surface of a material to prevent the end product from developing a stable layer of oxide that tarnishes its surface and/or causes weak dimensional stability.

Flux and Heat Treating Operations
Not all high-temperature heat treating operations require the application of flux. For example, when stainless steel is brazed in an atmosphere-controlled furnace that eliminates oxygen from the furnace chamber, the chromium in the alloy does not oxidize, and thus the metal requires no flux. However, flux is almost always recommend for high-temperature heat treating operations that are performed in open air, typically with the use of high-powered torches.

Flux helps prevent oxidation during the heat treating process, but it often leaves a residue that must be removed to ensure that the final product has the right qualities. To remove the residue, service providers apply flux removers, many of which traditionally contain flammable aerosol chemicals, lead, and chemical toxins that threaten the environment. On the bright side, companies can replace flux removers with ones that demonstrate a better safety profile.

The Easy Way to Replace Flux Removers
Unless your company employs a team of chemists that can create a novel, eco friendly flux remover to replace a toxic one, the easiest way to replace flux removers is to work with an experienced provider of eco friendly cleaning solutions that can offer you a good replacement option. For example, EcoLink offers FluoSolv DX – Solvent Flux Remover, a non-hazardous solution that is designed for heavy-duty flux removal and has a high allowable exposure limit.

FluoSolv DX – Solvent Flux Remover is an ideal replacement for flux removers that contain N-propyl Bromide-based defluxing solvents. More specifically, it is a viable replacement for Asahi AK-225, a Class II ODC that was phased out on 1/1/15. In addition to being better for the environment, the solution also helps reduce the exposure of workers to toxic liquids and fumes.

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If your company needs a replacement flux remover for Asahi AK-225 or another hazardous degreasing solvent, the chemical and solvent specialists at EcoLink will recommend a solution that meets the requirements of the previous one without possessing so many of its dangerous qualities. In addition to benefiting the environment, a safer solution can also mitigate the negative effects workers experience when exposed to toxic cleaners, and thus help improve productivity.

If your company is in the market for eco friendly flux removers that don’t take a toll on the environment and help protect workers, call EcoLink today at (800) 563-1305 to schedule a free evaluation of your needs, or simply fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to assisting you with finding the ideal replacement for all of your flux removal needs!