Fast Evaporating Cleaners: Why Fast Evaporation is Important

Fast evaporating cleaners comprise a large group within the larger group of industrial solvents. That the cleaners evaporate quickly is no accident. This is what they’re formulated to do, although the benefits users receive from fast evaporating solvents varies widely.

In this entry, we look at five general benefits users receive from fast evaporating cleaners. specific benefits depend on the solvent used and the cleaning application for which you use it.

  1. Cleaning Energized Equipment

Equipment is cleaned in an energized state for one of two reasons: It must always have power to function properly (e.g. a server in a data center), or it needs to be cleaned in short period of time so it can return to service (a jet engine being degreased in a hanger). A fast evaporating solvent ?  one with high dielectric strength ?  is perfect for the application.

  1. Performing Quick Turnarounds

Sometimes, a quick turnaround is necessary for a time-sensitive operation, such as degreasing the an idling engine of a jet that must return to the runway shortly. Other times, fast evaporating cleaners are used to achieve long-term gains in efficiency. If you reduce recurring cleaning jobs by a few minutes each time, the time could add up to several hours of saved productivity.

  1. Reducing Waste Removal Cost

Users seldom implement fast evaporating cleaners just to cut waste expense, but reduced waste removal cost is an added bonus of using fast evaporating solvents. You may have to worry about the safety of the solvent’s chemicals that readily vaporize at room temperature, but you needn’t worry about them overfilling the waste trap.

  1. Prevent Oxidation of Parts

Fast drying solvents are also preferred for parts that readily oxidize or corrode in the presence of moisture. Using a non-aqueous solvent can help eliminate the problem, but using a fast drying solvent offers an additional level of insurance that the cleaner won’t be drawn into seams and other difficult to clean areas. Fast evaporation ensures the solvent is gone quickly.

  1. Passive Cleaning Operation

For the sake of efficiency, industrial users want cleaning operations to be as passive as possible. Fast drying solvent helps achieve a passive cleaning process by drying quickly. There may be no need to rinse cleaned parts, perform a general wipe down, or wait to move forward with your operation while a slow evaporating solvent gradually transitions into vapor.

Need Fast Evaporating Cleaners? 

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