Evaluating Industrial Solvent Suppliers: Frequently Asked Questions

When they need an industrial cleaning solvent, organizations naturally tend to focus on the quality of a cleaner and not the quality of the supplier. After all, it’s the supplier’s products and not the supplier that performs the cleaning. While this is true, it’s also true that solvent suppliers can have a major impact on your cleaning operations in terms of solvent cost, availability of solvents, and access to technical expertise, to name just a few. Before you choose a supplier, take some time to read through the questions below that pertain to the task.

Is it better to buy from a solvent manufacturer or from a solvent vendor?
Many organizations feel that buying from solvent suppliers that create their own products is the best option. Because manufacturers know more about their solvents than vendors that simply sells the products, they often provide a higher level of customer service in terms of helping customers choose the right products, use the products correctly, and replace them, as needed.

How do suppliers of “natural” solvents and “organic” solvents differ?
A “natural” solvent is simply one that is formulated with one or more natural ingredients. Because there is no regulation for the word “natural”, so-called natural solvents may or may not be as environmentally sound as their name implies. Some solvent suppliers use the term natural to promote sales and not to denote the implied purity of the product. “Organic” solvents, on the other hand, are tested to ensure that they truly possess an organic formulation.

Are an organic solvent supplier’s cleaning solutions naturally risk-free?
No. For example, a cleaning solvent that contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs) could have a fully organic formulation yet cause serious short-term and long-term health ailments in workers. So, solvent suppliers who promote “organic” solutions aren’t necessarily promoting solvents you would want to use. This is why it’s important to look at the safety data sheet for an organic cleaning solution to see if it contains VOCs.

How important is it to choose a solvent supplier that offers custom cleaners?
The answer depends on whether you can find a stock solvent that meets your cleaning requirements, or you need a custom solvent to address them. In the long-run, however, choosing a supplier that accepts custom solvent orders is the best idea. If your cleaning needs change, you may need a custom solution to perform them properly. In that situation, it would be much easier to place a custom order instead of looking for a new solvent supplier.

Why is using Ecolink a better choice than working with other solvent suppliers?
What separates us from the competition? The answer ultimately depends on which competitor you refer to, but there are five characteristics that, when combined, make us a highly desirable choice among all solvent suppliers: We offer non-toxic solvents that have the same power as toxic ones, create custom solvents, work with organizations of all sizes in all industries, deliver impeccable, all-around service, and price our cleaners competitively.

To request a product sample or place an order, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact page on our website. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your solvent needs.