What Is an Epoxy Resin Remover?

What Is an Epoxy Resin Remover?

Epoxy resins are generally used in various industries for their strong adhesive properties, chemical resistance, heat resistance, and versatility. These types of resins are used for dozens of applications, including: 

  • Vehicle manufacturing 
  • Aircraft manufacturing 
  • Paints and coatings 
  • Bicycle manufacturing  
  • Boat manufacturing 
  • Wood, metal, or glass adhesive 

These polymers are usually mixed with a curing agent or hardener in order to harden and “cure” into a stronger substance.  

Though these polymers are extremely durable and strong, they can sometimes wear down and need to be removed. It can be very tricky to remove cured epoxy resin, as physical removal can be tedious and damaging to the surface bonded to the resin. Luckily, specific chemicals can be used to make the epoxy removal process much easier.  

What Chemicals Can Be Used as Epoxy Resin Remover? 

A good epoxy resin remover will be an aggressive solvent that effectively breaks down the epoxy and successfully removes it. Unfortunately, most of these aggressive solvents contain highly toxic compounds that pose various health risks to industrial workers and can be damaging to the environment as air pollutants. For example, methylene chloride has been used for epoxy removal, but is carcinogenic and contributes to ozone depletion.  

A safer chemical for epoxy removal can be acetone, which is a strong cleaning agent that effectively removes various epoxy resins. Those searching for a highly effective and specifically formulated product may be more interested in Safe Strip, an environmentally preferred epoxy resin and paint remover which offers numerous benefits over hazardous chemicals: 

  • Biodegradable 
  • Recyclable 
  • Non-flammable 
  • Effective on all coatings, including two-step high solids epoxy and polyurethane resins 
  • Effective on both uncured and cured coatings 
  • Low VOC emissions 
  • No ozone-depleting components 
  • Replaces hazardous solvents like toluene, benzene, and methylene chloride 
  • Can be used in an immersion tank, gun cleaning tank, or as a brush-on, rinse-off solvent 

Looking for an Industrial-Grade Resin Remover? 

If you are looking to purchase Safe Strip for your business or industrial needs, you can purchase the product here, or reach out to Ecolink staff here with any questions or help to find the ideal product for you.