Mohammed’s Internship Experience

Clicking that link and filling out that form was nerve-wracking; it’s scary thinking you’re unqualified or not good enough, but I’m glad I went through it. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I had recently gotten out of a bad internship, and I was happy I did because I would’ve never found EcoLink had I stayed at the other internship.

This was a pivotal experience in my life; it was both fun and educational, and, in my experience, you don’t hear very that often. I had never specifically done digital marketing; some minimal advertising at my previous internships, but I’d learned a few key concepts that would help if I were to create my own business or startup.

The internship was conducted efficiently and quickly – we completed the full 8 weeks with perfect timing. Some hiccups came up here and there, such as weekly team meetings getting delayed, but I didn’t mind; it was more time for work I needed to catch up on. I wouldn’t change anything about the actual experience itself, but a few things we were working on, such as the Internship Portal, could have been better.

Carolyn, my boss, was helpful and always there on time for business days. Any time I had a question I didn’t feel apprehensive or nervous about emailing her and her fast response time was incredible. The company had changed its structure recently; they had switched from storing/selling chemicals to drop shipping them, and Carolyn explained all these changes clearly and concisely so I never felt confused about the work I was given.

EcoLink, and, more precisely, Carolyn went out of their way to inform the interns about the specifications of the company. The experiences EcoLink had gone through were unique, changing from a more physical aspect to digitizing and automating a lot of the process, even allowing some of us to work remotely!

My favorite part of the internship would be all the blog posts. Although I’m a computer science/software engineering student, I’ve always had a passion for writing. I think of it as a great way to express your ideas and let them run free, and I’m also a quick learner so the blog posts brought the best of both worlds together. I would research many topics (for example surfactants) and learn all about them. If you like learning new, cool things, you won’t be disappointed with interning at EcoLink.

This internship definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you like advertising and would consider yourself outgoing, you will thrive. You certainly won’t be hurt by applying, so it’s always worth a shot. If I could change anything about the internship, I’d like for the meetings to start earlier, and on a different day, but that’s mostly just because I am on EST and we has interns in CST & PT. Other than the meetings, you are able to work on your own schedule; just don’t forget to list your hours on your timesheet!

All in all, my time at EcoLink wasn’t something I can describe in just one word, but it was incredibly positive, and EcoLink and I both gained something from each other. The company got help in preparing their new website, and I gained a new perspective on how the internet works.