Earth Day Revolution – 5 Minutes of Caring

Earth Day Revolution by Sam Davidson

It’s time to get serious about the Earth.




Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center


Forty years after Earth Day began, the global consciousness about the state of our planet is definitely raised. However, there is still a lot of work to do before we reverse the effects of climate change and take dedicated action to clean up our home. So, as you go out celebrating at various events today (or whether you decide to stay indoors and rap with Biz Markie instead), think about what long-term commitments you and your family want to make in order to save our planet. There is no day like the 40th Earth Day to get serious about going green.


Twenty years ago Ecolink Inc. was established by Bill Green (now with Macquarie Capital Funds) to replace Class I Ozone Depleting Solvents and other hazardous chemicals. Their flagship products Electron and Positron were adopted originally by Westinghouse, now owned by Siemens, and General Electric for the maintenance of turbines, generators, motors, rotors, stators, and windings. The US Department of Defense adopted both of these environmentally preferred cleaners, solvents, and degreasers to maintain weapon systems and ground support equipment.
After our initial success of replacing bad industrial chemicals with better industrial chemicals, Ecolink embarked on chemical management as a best practice to close the loop that led to the formation of SCMG – Strategic Chemical Management Group. This group worked with several public utilities, including Southern California Edison in California, New Jersey Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG), and Florida Power Corp., now known as Progress Energy. Ecolink continues to refine its material throughput management approach by asking how to reduce further chemical risk exposure. Is it essential? Is it efficiency? Answering ‘No’ to either question triggers the start to Ecolink’s cleaning process design and mechanical cleaning systems configuration.
What are your sustainability goals or compliance needs? VOC’s, flammability, toxicity? Whatever your goal, Ecolink partners with its customers to first use less chemicals through better performing chemicals and processes and then focus on the environmental profile to improve safety to people and the planet. Every day is Earth Day. Celebrate!


Earth Day Remix Lyrics

Did you even know the Senate was deciding your fate?
Ten years for clean energy they wanted you to wait

Let me tell you a story of our situation
And how we’ll Repower this U.S. nation

Two things are goin’ on — I hate to bust your bubble
But the climate is changin’ and the economy’s in trouble

Walkin’ down the street in Cleveland town
A woman passed by, I said “Why you look so down?”

She said “I lost my job, my only hope’s clean energy
Closed down the auto plant, we need a factory.”

Ready to work, we got the science and skill
And for 2 million jobs, all we need’s a strong bill

You’d think our leaders would jump at the chance
But the lobbyists got them shakin’ in their pants

So I went to the Senate, asked for real change
But when I sprung the question, they acted real strange

All we need is a clean energy law
But all they’re just hearing is “blah blah blah”

Come on, I’m not even going for it

You, you got what I need…
Cause we need clean energy
We need clean energy


We need clean energy
Cause we need clean energy
Cause we need clean energy…


We need clean energy
Cause we need energy
Cause we need clean energy…