Drying Agents for Industrial Cleaning

drying agent wipesIn case you are not familiar with the term drying agent, it is a chemical used to remove water from an organic compound. Such agents are fundamental to developing industrial cleaners and degreasers. Drying agents have been used in the industrial cleaning industry for years. They absorb or remove water helping to dry and clean, parts and materials, more quickly and efficiently. These cleaners are invaluable in the electronics industry where water can negatively impact the integrity of the part, or equally as important in aerospace or car assembly where water can compromise the seal of a product or the finish during assembly.

Drying agents are critical to developing powerful industrial cleaners.  In the process of making such solvents, compounds often become contaminated when coming into contact with water, which happens frequently due to the relevance of water in solutions. If you want to dry a chemical compound that is in a solution, use a highly concentrated sodium chloride agent to remove the abundance of water.  Water always moves from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration causing , two layers to form – the salt solution layer and the layer of dried organic compound solution. Then the  organic compound can be separated from the salt solution layer. Drying agents easily dissolve any extra water from the compound solution, causing the drying agent to become hydrated. The hydrated salts from the drying agents form clumps that can be filtered, resulting in a dry chemical compound.

For certain organic compounds that have been exposed to water, a drying agent must be used, which is usually comprised of an inorganic and insoluble salt that rapidly absorbs water. As you can determine from the information provided above, drying agents play an integral role to the development of safe industrial cleaning and degreasing solutions. Without drying agents, the chemical components of a compound being developed for industrial cleaning will not formulate correctly or as needed, rendering the intended cleaning agent a failure. Therefore, organizations that develop industrial cleaning solvents are careful and direct with the use of drying agents. Without drying agents, most green alternative and eco friendly industrial cleaners cannot be comprised.

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