Does Your Company Practice Solvent Recovery?

For many companies that use commercial grade and industrial grade solvents, one of the main complications of using them is deciding how to handle solvent recovery. When faced with this situation, many companies choose to have a third party perform the task. When you choose this option, you can receive several important benefits, particularly the ones listed below.

Decreased Disposal Cost
Creating a solvent recovery program in house, and acquiring the equipment needed to support the recovery effort, is often more expensive than simply hiring a solvent recovery specialist to perform the work. With a third party handling the waste recovery effort, you can spend more time on core business functions and delegate solvent disposal to the service provider.

Decreased Lab Waste Stream
If your company uses solvents for laboratory operations, recovering waste solvent from the them can pose a serious problem that a third party waste recovery provider can help to simplify. The provider will arrive on location to remove waste solvents, and then submit them to the solvent recycling process in order to decrease negative impacts on the environment.

Decreased Operations
If you don’t use the services of a solvent recovery company, you are left with the option of creating a recovery operation in house. If your company doesn’t specialize in solvent recovery, it makes the most sense to outsource the process to a company that specializes in performing it. This can prevent you from spending time on a discipline that is not a core practice.

Fewer Scheduling Problems
It is easier to have a solvent recovery specialist recover waste solvent on a scheduled basis than to task in house workers with performing the recovery effort, and forcing them to spend less time on core business functions. A recovery specialist will remove waste solvent on recurring basis, which gives you one less business process to spend time managing.

Decrease Accumulation and Storage
Having a third party perform waste removal on a scheduled basis helps your company decrease the accumulation and storage of waste solvent onsite. Because an accident that releases the waste into the environment could occur, it is important to have a solvent removal company minimize the accumulation and storage of waste solvent by frequently removing it from the work site.

Opportunity to Recycle
In addition to recovering waste solvent, many solvent recovery companies go a step further and recycle the solvent. Recycling a solvent can benefit the environment by reducing chemical emissions, carbon pollution, and energy consumption that commonly result from the process of creating new solvent solutions from scratch.

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