does ipa kill bacteria

Does IPA Kill Bacteria: 70/30 vs 99% IPA Disinfectant

If you work in a field that uses a lot of disinfectants and antibacterial cleaners, you may be wondering does IPA kill bacteria? IPA (isopropyl alcohol) is a low toxicity chemical compound that can be used in a variety of different ways from solvents to cleaning agents, and even as a disinfectant to kill bacteria. What you may be surprised to learn, is that a 70/30 mixture of alcohol and water that is 70% IPA is a better disinfectant than pure 99%IPA.


IPA is a potent disinfectant and antimicrobial solution that effectively kills bacteria, fungus, and germs. If you use an IPA solution that is 50% or less IPA it’s effectiveness against germs and bacteria is weekend, however a pure 99% concentration is actually less effective than a 70/30 IPA to water solution.

So why is 70/30 IPA a better disinfectant than pure IPA?

The presence of water in an IPA mixture is necessary in order for the solution to effectively kill germs and bacteria. Without the presence of water, pure 99% IPA concentrations cannot thoroughly penetrate the cells of the bacteria that is being targeted. Water in an IPA mixture works as a catalyst to effectively distribute the IPA to the bacteria, fungus, or germs that need to be killed. Ideally you want to have between 10% and 40% water in your IPA mixture to adequately distribute that active IPA without diminishing its effectiveness. This makes a 70/30 IPA blend, much like what you would find in standard rubbing alcohol, the ideal choice for disinfecting.

So when addressing the question ‘Does IPA Kill Bacteria?’, the answer is yes! Just be sure you are using the right 70% IPA mixture to disinfect, ensuring optimal effectiveness against dangerous bacteria.

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