Difference Between MEK and MPK

It is important to understand the difference between MEK and MPK as they are often used in similar practices. However, there are some key differences between MEK and MPK which will influence which chemical is best for your specific uses. Both MEK and MPK are used in various cleaning and degreasing applications, but due to certain properties such as evaporation rate, chemical strength, and price one can be better than the other. If you are in need of a chemical solvent for industrial cleaning and degreasing, oil extraction, or stripping surfaces, understanding these three key properties is important. If you are looking for a versatile solvent that is strong, affordable, and has a fast evaporation rate, MEK might be right for you.

Key Differences between MEK and MPK

  • Strength – MEK is typically considered to be a stronger solvent than MPK. This makes MEK the better option for cleaning and degreasing industrial equipment and machinery as it can cut through build up and hardened resins faster and easier than MPK.  
  • Evaporation Rate – MEK has a higher evaporation rate than MPK. This further demonstrates that MEK is a stronger, less diluted chemical solvent. This quality makes MEK more desirable for various applications as it will dry faster, reducing the risk of damaging various surfaces due to prolonged exposure. This property also makes MEK a preferred solvent for various ink and printing products, as well as extraction processes.
  • Affordability – One important thing to consider when deciding between MEK and MPK is price. MEK is typically more affordable than MPK, and it is a more potent chemical, meaning a little bit can go a longer way. This makes MEK more cost effective than MPK in the long run. 

Want to learn more about MEK vs MPK?

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