Difference Between Heptane and Hexane

It is important to understand the difference between heptane and hexane when deciding which chemical is best for your needs. The scientific difference between heptane and hexane lies in the composition of the two chemicals. Heptane and hexane are both alkanes, and the difference is that heptane has 7 carbon atoms while hexane has 6. While heptane and hexane do in fact differ in composition, the two chemicals can be used for many of the same practices. Everything from cleaning and degreasing to oil extraction and more can utilize either of these chemicals.  If you are in need of heptane or hexane and would like to speak with an expert to decide which chemical may be best for your needs, Ecolink can help. Ecolink is a trusted chemical provider with a dedicated team of experts, and over 25 years experience. Ecolink will happily work with you to find the best chemical or solvent for your practice. 

Heptane and Hexane Uses:

  • Extraction – Both hexane and heptane are used in oil and grease extraction processes. Oil extraction is accomplished by grinding up seeds, nuts, or other oil producing fruits and then soaking them in a solvent that will separate the oil and evaporate. After the chemical evaporates, just the oil is left behind, which can then be processed and turned into cooking oils.
  • Industrial Cleaning and Degreasing – Hexane and heptane can both be used to clean and degrease industrial machinery. Both chemicals effectively break down debris and build up to be wiped away, keeping machinery in running order.
  • Gasoline – One of the more notable applications of both heptane and hexane is as an additive in gasoline. Gasoline pumps around the world display their octane rating which tells the consumer how much heptane or hexane is present in the fuel.

Need to Learn More About The Difference Between Heptane and Hexane?

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