Industrial Cleaning 101: What Are Dielectric Fluids?

According to Wikipedia, dielectric fluids are defined as fluids that “prevent or rapidly quench electric discharges [and] are used as electrical insulators in high voltage applications, [such as] transformers, capacitors, high voltage cables, and switchgear.” Dielectric fluids are primarily formulated to provide three benefits: electrical insulation, corona and electrical arc suppression, and cooling. Additional dielectric fluid benefits vary considerably from product to product.

Characteristics of High-Quality Dielectric Cleaners
Because cleaning energized and non-energized electrical equipment is a major niche in the industrial cleaning solvent industry, there is no shortage of suppliers to acquire dielectric cleaners from. However, not all solvents that contain dielectric fluids are created equal. In most cases, the best dielectric cleaners for the job feature the six important characteristics below.

  1. High Dielectric Strength

For many companies, the most important characteristic of dielectric cleaners is high dielectric strength, as measured in MV/cm. High dielectric strength is especially important for cleaning applications that involve removing grease and grime from energized electrical equipment.

  1. Aerosol and Non-Aerosol

Aerosol fluids are ideal for cleaning precision parts that are tightly surrounded by other parts. Non-aerosol formulations are a great choice for cleaning components that are large enough to hand wipe. Companies with extensive dielectric cleaning needs often need both formulations.

  1. Non-Corrosive Formulation

The dielectric cleaning fluids you use should be formulated for the type of material you need to clean. For example, stainless steel electrical parts should be cleaned with ammonia-free fluids, as ammonia can cause the chromium in stainless steel to oxidize and have a tarnished look.

  1. Non-Flammable Formulation

Dielectric cleaners that have a low flash point are better than ones that have a high flashpoint, but cleaners that have no flashpoint offer the highest level of safety. A non-flammable formulation lowers the possibility of starting fires while energized equipment is cleaned.

  1. Low Toxicity or Non-Toxicity

Low toxicity and non-toxicity aren’t performance qualities, but they are just as important. Dielectric fluids that fall into these categories are typically safer for workers to use and help companies avoid sizable, EPA-imposed fines that result from breaking set emission caps.

  1. Low Cost Supply Options

Identifying the best dielectric cleaning products means nothing if you can’t afford to use them in the necessary capacity. Ordering bulk quantities of dielectric fluids in liquid form is generally the most economical option. Ecolink can supply you with products that accommodate your budget.

In the Market for High-Quality Dielectric Cleaners?
If so, you’ve come to the right place. Ecolink has a rich history of supplying companies with industrial grade dielectric fluids that feature the characteristics above. In addition to being formulated for maximum cleaning power, our dielectric fluids are created with the environment the health of workers in mind. With us serving as your trusted solvent supplier, there is no need to use dielectric cleaning solutions that contain hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) ever again.

For more information about our dielectric cleaning solutions, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact page on our website. We look forward to meeting your dielectric cleaning needs!