Denatured Ethanol Applications

Denatured Ethanol Applications

What is Denatured Ethanol?

Denatured Ethanol is ethanol that contains additives which make it poisonous to consume, bad tasting, foul smelling, or nauseating.  Denatured ethanol may also be known as specially denatured alcohol or SDA. Depending on the type of denatured alcohol, the composition of the alcohol can range from seventy to ninety-nine percent being ethanol.

Types of Denatured Ethanol Used

The two types of denatured alcohol that we carry at Ecolink are SDA 40B 200 and SDA 3C 200.  The 40B and 3C indicate the type of chemical is mixed within the ethanol and the 200 indicates the proof of the alcohol.  200 shows that the ethanol is pure. The SDA 40B 200 has a composition of 99.9 percent ethanol and 0.1 percent 2-propanol and 2-methyl.  40B Ethanol 200 is the most widely used and popular denatured alcohol. The SDA 3C 200 has a composition of ninety-five percent ethanol and five percent 2-Propanol.  Both SDA 3C 200 and SDA 40B 200 require a valid permit for purchasing.

Applications of Denatured Ethanol

Some general uses of denatured ethanol include paint removal, pest control, disinfectant, and window cleaning.  Denatured alcohol is also used as a starter fluid for camping stoves, and as an industrial solvent.

The key difference between SDA 3C 200 ethanol and SDA 40B 200 ethanol comes down to what denatures both of them, as mentioned previously.  Despite that difference, both denatured ethanol’s are used within cosmetics, as solvents, and as raw materials for processes.

SDA 3C 200 is specifically used in industrial and institutional cleaning, paint and coatings, within pharmaceuticals as a medical disinfectant, and as raw materials for chemical processes.

SDA 40B 200 has a feature of decreasing drying time which allows it to be a key cosmetic additive, cosmetic astringent, and used as a raw material for cosmetic products.  Other uses of SDA 40B 200 include it being:

  • Used in food as an additive
  • An antifoaming agent
  • A viscosity degreasing agent
  • An antimicrobial agent
  • Included to deodorants

For more information regarding the several uses of the denatured ethanol we offer at Ecolink, please email us at, or call at (800)563-1305.