A Custom Chemical Solution Could be Your Answer

A Custom Chemical Fairytale

What happens when a new regulation no longer allows you to continue using a solvent you have trusted for years? What happens when there is nothing that works as well as your old cleaning solution, while also following the new regulation? It not only can happen, it has happened—and it could happen to you.Custom chemical solutions

A printing company fell victim to a regulatory change and could no longer use the ink removal solvent they had been previously using. While nothing was on the market that met this new regulation and worked as efficiently, the printing company began to seek other options. Eventually, the company stumbled across Ecolink.

At the time, Ecolink did not have a chemical solvent or cleaning solution that met the printing company’s requirements that was available for purchase; however, we did the company one better. We blended a custom chemical solution for the company’s ink removal problem! We tailored it specifically to meet the new regulation restriction and to make sure the solvent cleaned as well as, if not better than the industrial solution they were previously using.

The company continued printing happily ever after with their custom cleaning solution from Ecolink.

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Did this story about a company experiencing a problem finding a custom chemical solution allowed under regulatory guidelines get your attention? Can your company relate to a similar regulatory issue that prevented you from using the chemical solvent of your choice? Call or email Jackie to find out how Ecolink can solve your chemical product woes at 1-800-886-8240 or jhooper@ecolink.com.


One-of-a-Kind Solution

The situation might not only pertain to a regulatory change as the reason why your company is searching for a suitable chemical product replacement. Has your vendor gone out of business? Has your vendor stopped producing the solvent you have come to trust for so long?

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No matter the situation, Ecolink can help. We offer solutions for your industrial degreasing or solvent problem you will not find anywhere else. Your custom solution will be blended specifically for your company’s needs and requirements. You are in the driver’s seat—you tell us what you need out of a custom solution and we will do the rest.

If you want to find your own custom chemical “happily ever after,” call or email Jackie for more information at 1-800-886-8240, or jhooper@ecolink.com.