Why Working With a Custom Chemical Company Makes Sense

Toll blending, toll manufacturing, or custom mixing; whatever you choose to call it, the discipline of creating solvents that have a custom chemical formulation is an essential service for many industrial and commercial solvent users. What if your company or organization isn’t among them? Could acquiring solvents from a custom chemical company still offer benefits? At Ecolink, we think the answer is yes for the four reasons below.

You May Need a Custom Solvent in the Future

Even if your solvent needs are set in stone, have been that way for years, and don’t involve using custom solvents, there’s still a chance that you could need a custom solvent in the future. Below is a common scenario by which it could happen.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) severely regulates a hazardous chemical in one of your solvents. You need the same cleaning power from a replacement solvent, but you need the solvent in an eco friendly formulation. If a stock solvent can’t plug the gap, then you’re immediately in the market for a unique solvent from a custom chemical company.

You Avoid Wasting Time Searching for a Solvent

Whether you need a new solvent due to EPA regulations or because one of your cleaning processes changes, a new solvent should be implemented quickly to maintain productivity. If you’re supplier is a custom chemical company, it should be able to tell you quickly whether a readymade solvent or a custom solvent is the best fit for your requirements, and then swiftly formulate a custom solution if that’s what you need.

You Can Also Purchase Readymade Solutions

Many custom chemical companies do more than perform toll blending; they also sell readymade solutions that are marketed as stock products that are available for immediate shipment. This gives you a big advantage when it comes to receiving a solvent that meets your needs: Because the company sells both readymade solvents and custom solvents, there’s no reason for to promote readymade solutions when a custom solution is needed, or vice versa.

You Avoid a Solvent That Isn’t the Best Fit

The situation described above is fairly common. Companies and organizations routinely use solvents that aren’t a good fit for their cleaning applications — and working with a chemical company that only supplies stock solvents is a big reason why. If your cleaning operations are crucial to your core business functions, you need solvents that suit the operations seamlessly. These are exactly the type of solvents a custom chemical company specializes in supplying.

Need the Services of a Custom Chemical Company?

If so, and you want solvents that have a commendable safety profile for workers and the environment, getting your cleaning solutions from us is a good choice. Ecolink is a custom chemical company that supplies both readymade solvents and unique solvents that are tailored to the needs of specific customers. When you use us as your supplier, you never have to worry about not having a solvent that’s perfectly formulated for your cleaning requirements.

For assistance selecting solvents, please call us today (800) 563-1305, or use our contact form. We look forward to helping you select the best cleaning solvents for your requirements.