Custom Chemical Blending: Situations That Justify Custom Solvents

Most solvent purchases are made to acquire stock solvents, which are solvents that are formulated based on ubiquitous solvent applications that are present in numerous industries. In most cases, stock solutions offer all the efficacy the end user needs. However, it isn’t uncommon for companies and organizations to require custom chemical blending, which is the process of blending chemicals into a single solution to achieve a powerful, synergistic effect.

Situations That Justify Custom Solvents

To list every situation in which custom chemical blending may be needed would require writing a long book, but there are certain situations that justify the use of custom solvents more than others. Four examples of situations where custom blended chemical solvents are commonly needed are: the cleaning of unusual materials, reducing the exposure of workers to harmful chemicals, and implementing eco friendly solvents. Below, we take look at each situation.

  1. Cleaning Unusual Materials

From unique types of rubber to complex metallic alloys, there are any number of unusual materials that are cleaned most effectively when a unique solvent is blended for the cleaning operation. In all cases, the goal is to perfectly clean a material on the first try — and this is what custom solvents can help you do. In addition, using a custom solution can help you avoid degrading the material that is cleaned and thus help extend the material’s lifespan.

  1. Reduced Exposure to Chemicals

Reducing the exposure of workers to harmful chemicals is another reason why some companies and organizations turn to custom chemical blending. When toxic solvents are used in high volume on a regular basis, workers who apply with them can receive acute and/or chronic chemical injuries that take them off the work floor and, sometimes, take them out of the workforce. Workers compensation claims and chemical injury lawsuits often result.

  1. Using Eco Friendly Solvents

A third situation that commonly justifies the use of custom blended solvents is the need to implement eco friendly solutions. A custom, eco friendly solvent could be needed for several different reasons, particularly: the need to reduce harmful emissions in low emission zones (LEZs), the need to replace a solvent that contains banned or heavily regulated chemicals, and the need to support a company or an organization’s emerging, “green” business model.

Need Custom Chemical Blending?

If your current line of solvents aren’t perfectly suited for your solvent-based operations, custom chemical blending could be the simplest solution to the problem. Whether you need custom solvents for cleaning unusual materials, reducing the exposure of workers to harmful chemicals, using eco friendly solvents, or another important reason, the experienced chemists at Ecolink can create a solvent that perfectly meets your unique cleaning requirements.

To get started on assessing whether custom chemical blending is a good solution for your solvent-based business operations, give us a call today at (800) 563-1305, or use the contact form on our website, to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you address your unique solvent needs by performing custom chemical blending.