Contec Wipes, Wipers and Contec Prosat at Warner Robins AFB

Ecolink promotes Contec Wipes at Air Force Environmental, Health & Safety Event

Ecolink Inc exhibited inside Century of Flight Hangar at Museum of Aviation during 2010 Environmental, Health and Safety Fair at Warner Robins AFB. Ecolink distributes Contec wipes containing DS-108, IPA, MEK MPK and Skykleen. Contec wipers and Contec PROSAT are ideal for surface preparation including painting, bonding and coating.


  • Solvent emissions reduction up to 40%
  • Up to 40% reduction in hazardous waste
  • Improved worker and environmental safety
  • Reduced fire hazard from spilled or atomized solvents
  • Improved productivity
  • Overall reduction in total costs of the wiping process
  • SAT wipes can be provided with virtually any solvent, cleaner, degreaser, and dispenses from center-pull rolls in a self-closing, reusable canister.


  • Paint preparation
  • Sealant and adhesive preparation
  • Dirt, grease and oil removal
  • Composite surface wiping (non-shredding, hybrid fabrics available)
  • Field service and repair



MPK / Methyl Propyl Ketone
6850-01-465-1871 SW420113 (12) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 800mL of MPK
6850-01-465-1922 SWCN0113 Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-465-1877 SW420103 (12) 9″x11″perforated rolls with 1200mL of MPK
6850-01-465-1925 SWCN0103 Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-465-1880 SW420108 (12) 11″x17″ perforated rolls with 1400mL of MPK
6850-01-465-1934 SWCN0108 Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-465-1893 SW420111 (12) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 800mL of SKYKLEEN®
6850-01-465-1910 SWCN0111 (10) Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-465-1890 SW420104 (12) 9″x11″ perforated rolls with 1200mL of SKYKLEEN®
6850-01-465-1915 SWCN0104 (10) Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-465-1885 SW420107 (12) 11″x17″ perforated rolls with 1400mL of SKYKLEEN®
6850-01-465-1919 SWCN0107 (10) Canisters to accompany above
IPA / Isopropyl Alcohol (100%)
6850-01-470-8818 SW420146 (12) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 800mL of IPA
6850-01-470-8826 SWCN0146 (10) Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-470-8825 SW420147 (12) 9″x11″ perforated rolls with 1200mL of IPA
6850-01-470-8819 SWCN0147 (10) Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-470-8823 SW420145 (12) 11″x17″ perforated rolls with 1400mL of IPA
6850-01-470-8828 SWCN0145 (10) Canisters to accompany above
Other solvents and put-ups
6850-01-467-1309 SW250088 (12) 9″x11″ perforated rolls with 1200mL of DS-108
6850-01-467-1279 SWCN0088 (10) Canisters to accompany above
6850-01-467-1314 SW250104 (6) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 700mL of MEK + 1 canister
6850-01-454-8226 SAT-C3-8515 (12) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 750mL of 85% IPA & 15% DI Water + 1 canister
6850-01-467-1310 SW250089 (12) 6″x9″ perforated rolls with 800mL of IPA + 1 canister

Ecolink Inc – #1 Contec Cleanroom Distributor

For over 15 years, Ecolink Inc. ranks as a top tier Contec cleanroom distributor of Contec Wipers, Contec Wipes and Contec Prosat. We value our long-standing supply agreements with Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney and eager to expand the number of Contec customers we can save $ and time. Unlike other wipe, wiper and cleanroom distributors, we deliver multiple products and services so you have fewer calls, emails to make and take; dramatically reduce accounting burden with different PO’s, payment terms, financial accounting systems; save $ on the product and delivery costs.

Contec Wipers – available at

Contec Wipes – available at
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Call 800 886-8240 or email to discuss your current use of any of these or other manufacturer’s brand to switch and start saving. With over 200 products to choose from, including several new formulations not yet listed on the website, we feel certain we can expand upon the savings and safety improvements enjoyed for nearly 20 years. Chemist owned and operated, we offer guaranteed FREE samples, including FREE freight, to evaluate for a RISK-FREE evaluation.