eco-friendly swaps

Common Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Products

The transition from non-eco-friendly products to eco-friendly products can be a smooth process if you know some of the common swaps. These common swaps are ideal because they are safer, have fewer chemicals, and have additional benefits that put harsher chemical products to shame. Honestly, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the swap sooner. 


When it comes to harsher chemical products, there are options out there that have fewer chemicals but results that are just as great, if not better! 

As you know, we love our clean, green chemicals and the variety of uses they offer, including cleaning solutions! Here are some options and considerations for ingredients you can use to be a bit more eco-friendly, including options on a smaller scale as well. 

What to look for in Eco-Friendly Products? 

  • Fewer chemicals. 
  • Reusables or packaging that offers less waste. 
  • Chemicals and additional ingredients that make sense! 
  • Research the supplier or distributor. 
  • Do your research on the ingredients. 
  • Inquiry! Never feel afraid to ask if you are still unsure. 
  • Weigh the risk of using one chemical over another.

Common Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Products  

On a small scale, oils can be used to disinfect different surfaces and areas. Here are a few examples. 

Tea Tree Oil 

  • Cleansing oil that is perfect for removing odors 
  • Antibacterial qualities 

Eucalyptus Oil 

  • Diluted eucalyptus oil can act as a repellent for roaches 
  • Perfect for mold or mildew 

What Ecolink Offers

  • We offer EPA-approved chemicals that will substitute those harsher chemicals that you don’t want! Below are eco-friendly Solvent Solutions that we offer businesses like yours! 
    • Solvent Degreaser 
    • Paint & Expoxy Stripper 
    • Multipurpose  
    • Wipe Solvent
  • Paint Remover

We offer SAFE STRIP—Eco-Friendly Paint Remover which replaces the following ingredients that are found in most products used for paint removal: methylene chloride and benzene.  

  • Multipurpose 

We offer non-hazardous solvents that have multiple uses and replace typical solvents found in vapor degreasing and metal cleaning such as nPB. 

How Can We Help?

In need of bulk, sustainable, eco-friendly chemical products? Ecolink offers additional EPA-approved chemicals as well as other cleaning solutions! Check out our Solvent Solutions page to see what additional products replace those chemicals you don’t want. A member of our team is available to assist you with any additional inquiries!