Electron: An Eco Friendly Solvent for Cleaning Turbines

Turbines are found in various types of equipment, from boats that run on steam to generators that produce electricity by harnessing wind power. Regardless of the application, turbines work in the same fashion, serving as rotary mechanical devices that “extract energy from a fluid flow and converts it into useful work” (Wikipedia).

Turbines must also receive scheduled maintenance, regardless of application, which brings us to the point of this entry: using an eco friendly solvent for cleaning turbines. Below, we look at the major benefits of using the solvent Electron for cleaning turbines, as well as list your solvent supply options, should you decide that Electron is the perfect fit for your requirements.

Using Electron for Cleaning Turbines

Electron is an environmentally preferred dielectric solvent that’s strong enough to remove accumulations of grease, fuel oil, carbon, and organic resins, but the cleaner is safe to use on most plastic and rubber surfaces.

Compared to other solvents for cleaning turbines, Electron is exceptional because it requires the user to wear no personal protective equipment (PPE). Common sense caution when handling industrial cleaners is sufficient. Additional benefits of using Electron as your go-to turbine cleaner include:

  • Contains no water
  • Fully evaporative, leaving no residue
  • No hazardous ingredients as defined by the EPA
  • No surface leakage of current in immediate residue tests
  • Contains no OSHA PEL or ACGIH TLV listed ingredients
  • High dielectric strength, (ASTM D-877 test procedures to 46,000 volts)

Order Electron in 12 x 16 ounce net aerosol containers that make it easy to evenly disperse the cleaner across surfaces that have complex geometries, support a high rate of evaporation, and contribute practically nothing to the waste solvent trap, thus helping to reduce waste removal cost. Reduce solvent expenditures by ordering Electron in bulk or placing smaller orders, as needed.

See the Cleaning Power of Electron

The easiest way to see if Electron meets your turbine cleaning needs is to try out the solvent for yourself. This is why we supply solvent samples that allow our customers to know for certain that a solvent works as well as advertised before they place an order. To request a free sample of Electron, simply go to our Request a Product Sample page, and supply the necessary information.

If you test the free sample and find that Electron could be a better fit for your needs, we can produce a custom blend that meets your exact requirements. Producing custom solvents through toll blending is a service that’s helped many of our customers meet their most exact turbine cleaning requirements.

Contact Ecolink Today to Get Started

Ecolink takes pride in supplying environmentally safe and environmentally prefered industrial solvents in the form of stock solutions and custom formulations. To learn more about our environmentally preferred dielectric solvent Electron, or to inquire about another solvent for cleaning turbines, call us today at (800) 563-1305, or send us an email through the contact form on our website. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions!