Chlorinated Solvents: Uses and Alternatives in Industrial Settings  

These solvents are inside various industrial applications due to their effectiveness as cleaning agents and degreasers. Without their properties, many industries would not be able to cleanse property. However, growing environmental concerns and health risks associated with these solvents have prompted businesses to explore safer and more sustainable alternatives. This blog post will delve into the industrial uses of these solvents and explore the alternatives that promote environmental responsibility and workplace safety.   

Uses of Chlorinated Solvents  

These solvents have been extensively used in industrial processes for decades due to their exceptional power. For example, they remove contaminants from metal parts and machinery in industrial operations.   

These solvents also are utilized for stripping paint and coatings from surfaces during refurbishing and restoration processes. These solvents help remove adhesives and glues from various substrates, making them valuable in industries like automotive and construction.  

Challenges and Health Risks  

Despite their effectiveness, chlorinated solvents present several challenges and health risks. These solvents are persistent organic pollutants that can contribute to ground and water contamination, posing risks to ecosystems and wildlife. Prolonged exposure to chlorinated solvents can lead to adverse health effects, including respiratory issues, skin irritation, and neurological disorders. Due to their environmental and health implications, regulatory agencies have imposed restrictions on the use and disposal of these solvents.   

Alternatives to Chlorinated Solvents  

Seeing the effects that accompany the use of these solvents, here are some alternatives to consider:  

  • Hydrocarbon solvents   
  • Oxygenated solvents  
  • Aqueous cleaners  

Where Can I Find More Information?  

While these solvents have been used in industrial settings, their negative environmental impact and health risks have raised concerns among businesses and regulatory bodies. As a result, the industry’s transition towards safer and more sustainable alternatives is becoming imperative. To further aid in shedding light on the use of chlorinated solvents and other harmful chemicals, Ecolink is encouraging companies to embrace greener solvents. To browse a list of our environmentally conscious products, visit our online store today! Or, to find out which solvent is best for your business needs, contact our team of expert chemists here.