chemical and solvent recycling for manufacturers

Chemical and Solvent Recycling for Manufacturers

Chemical and solvent recycling for manufacturers is an easy and cost effective way to properly remove solvent and chemical waste from your facility in a manner that is safe for the handlers and the environment. Chemical and solvent recycling is an environmentally preferred practice to solvent disposal, as it allows the solvents and chemicals to be cleaned and reused, reducing chemical waste, and reducing the need to produce more chemicals and solvents.  Recycling chemicals and solvents is just as convenient as traditional disposal, as solvent recycling companies can pick up a take away your chemical waste in the same way a disposal service would. In addition to convenience, chemical and solvent recycling for manufacturers provides the added benefits of saving money and protecting both the users and the environment.


Benefits of Chemical and Solvent Recycling for Manufactures:

  • Cost Effective – The cost of recycling your solvents and chemicals is actually cheaper than traditional removal services. Properly disposing of chemicals is expensive, and this cost gets passed onto the client. The recycling process is not only more affordable, but recycling companies are able to recirculate recycled chemicals, allowing your business to cut costs even further.
  • Safe Work Environment – Storage and disposal of chemical waste involves repeated exposure to toxic and dangerous fumes. By recycling you can keep everyone involved safer, by reducing this exposure that can cause illness and long term health concerns.
  • Eco Friendly – Recycling chemicals is simply better for our environment. Recycling reduces the amount of new chemicals and solvents that need to be produced, and prevents disposal of chemicals in harmful manners that could result in damage to the environment or harm to those handling the chemical waste.

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