CBDA Water Extraction vs Solvent Extraction

What is CBDa water extraction? Water extraction is a chemical free extraction method to retrieve oils like CBDa, CBD, hemp oil, and fragrant essential oils from plants, without using chemical solvents. CBDa water extraction works by soaking the hemp plant in boiling water. The heat from the boiling process pulls the oil out of the flower, while the water protects the oil from burning. This liquid is now set to cool, and as the water and oil cool, they separate from one another. Once separated, the CBDA oil can be collected. This process is known as CBDa water extraction, and requires W.E.T, (water extraction technology) to be properly executed.

Another extraction process used to obtain CBD, CBDa, and other plant oils is called solvent extraction. Solvent extraction is one of the more popular forms of oil extraction as it is fast, and can easily pull out large amounts of oil from plants. This method is used for extracting cooking oils from nuts and seed, as well as oils like CBDa or CBD from hemp plants. This extraction process involves soaking the plant in a solvent like hexane. The hexane effectively retrieves oils from the plant, and then quickly evaporates, leaving behind just the plant oil.

CBDa Water Extraction vs Solvent Extraction:

  • Speed – Solvent extraction will typically be faster as extraction solvents like hexane or alcohol have very fast evaporation rates. 
  • Safety – CBDa water extraction does not require the use of chemical solvents, however both methods are safe to use for oils that will be ingested or used on the body as solvents will completely evaporate from the oil product, leaving behind a pure, safe oil.
  • Extraction Amount – Solvent extraction is great for retrieving oil from plants that do not produce much oil, or are hard to draw oil out of. Solvents like hexane can effectively retrieve the maximum amount of oil from the organic material. Water extraction is better suited for organic materials that have a high natural oil content, that do not need much help producing oil for extraction.

Want To Learn More?

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