Buying Acetone Wholesale: 5 Considerations for First-Time Users

Acetone is an organic compound that excels at removing grease, oil, dirt, and a variety of other coatings and residues. In industrial settings, acetone is commonly used to remove accretions on glass, metal, and other materials that are compatible with acetone’s chemical structure.

The diverse range of applications for acetone leads many companies and organizations to order acetone wholesale, taking advantage of the excellent price per volume to stock up on a solvent they’ll use for several applications. But when a customer is buying acetone wholesale for the first time, some important considerations should be made before placing the order.

  1. Personal Protective Equipment

Acetone has a good safety profile compared to many industrial cleaners, but if it contacts the eyes, skin, or is inhaled, temporary ailments that require workers to leave the work floor can result. To ensure your workers remain safe and productive when using acetone, outfit them with personal protective equipment (PPE) that’s sufficient to prevent these forms of contact.

  1. Air Filtration System

Acetone can also cause discomfort when its vapors are inhaled. In fact, inhalation tends to produce the most negative effects of all forms of exposure. If you use solvents whose vapors shouldn’t be inhaled, you may already have the filtration system you need for acetone. If not, consider installing a system before buying acetone wholesale and using it in large quantities.

  1. Fire Safety

If buying acetone wholesale has a downside, it’s that you’ll need to select a storage area for the solvent that doesn’t contain ignition sources that could spark a fire. Acetone is quite flammable, with a flashpoint of ?4 °F. For reference, consumer grade gasoline has a flashpoint of ?45 °F. The PPE you use to protect workers against eye and skin contact and inhalation should protect them from the ignition of acetone, as well.

  1. Compatibility With Materials

Acetone excels at removing numerous substances, including grease, oil, glues, and gums. But the compound isn’t compatible with all materials. It can dissolve styrofoam and certain textiles, as well as damage the surface of certain grades of plastic and rubber.

Due to acetone’s enduring popularity, there are quite a few online resources that specify materials it should and should not be used to treat. But these instructions are generally for acetone alone. If you need an acetone blend that contains other active ingredients, consult the manufacturer about the solution’s compatibility with the materials you need to treat.

Plan on Buying Acetone Wholesale?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Ecolink supplies acetone and acetone blends in a variety of quantities, from small orders that are placed as needed, to large, wholesale orders that are placed weekly or monthly.

In addition to stock solvents, we also offer custom formulations that are tailored to specific requirements. Regardless of the product you need, we’ll send a free test sample, so you can see how well the solution works before making a purchase.

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