Butyl vs Non Butyl Degreaser

Butyl vs Non Butyl Degreaser 

What is the difference between butyl vs non butyl degreaser? Comparing the two, the biggest difference is that one contains butyl and one does not. Butyl degreasers use butane in their composition, while non-butyl degreasers do not. Since non butyl degreasers do not contain butyl they are typically safer for use in commercial kitchens and packaging facilities that may process food products. However, both butyl degreasers and non butyl degreasers serve many purposes across a variety of industries. If you need help deciding which degreaser is best for your use, it is best to consult a professional.

How are Butyl Degreasers Used?

Butyl degreasers are among the most commonly purchased degreasers. They are cleaning agents sought out for their penetration attributes. Used often in the automotive industries, they are widely known as one of the best penetrating solvents in the removal of heavy oils and greases like motor oil among other difficult to remove products found in workshops and factory floors.

Non-Butyl Degreasers and Safety

Non-butyl degreasers are cleaning agents that are deliberately made without harmful butyl ingredients or petrochemical additives. Other heavy-duty degreasers that contain butyl are very commonly used in a wide variety of industries, but non-butyl degreaser products are often sought after by food production facilities because they are considered less harmful for human use.

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Searching for Safe Commercial Degreasers?

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