Business Savings: Cut your Chemicals, Not your Employees

Most businesses today are finding themselves fishing for ways to cut company costs. Unfortunately, when push comes to shove and businesses become desperate to save money, the employee list starts getting slashed. As much as businesses hate to let go of employees from its workforce, it is a regrettable way to cut costs and save money. However, organizations such as Ecolink are finding solutions for businesses to stop firing their valuable employees through their developing of constructive business resources that incorporate methods of saving money. The following information will provide three imperative approaches Ecolink has made possible for businesses to cut cost, save money, and practice employee retention.

Cheaper alternative chemicals. Possibly Ecolink’s most precious resource it offers to its clients is that they developed eco friendly, green alternative chemical solutions that eliminate toxic hazards that otherwise plague business that use harmful chemical solvents that place both the environment and workers in danger. In addition to the invaluable resource of having green chemical solutions available, these same solutions are actually less expensive for industrial businesses to purchase and use for its operations. In other words, no reason exists whatsoever for industrial businesses to continue to use older chemical solvents that are made with compounds that produce toxins.

Inventory management. Ecolink has designed ways to improve inventory management, which saves on any potential for loss of workdays and ensures less costly chemicals are sitting on shelves, unused. By installing systems that enable the recycling of chemicals, which Ecolink now provides to its customer base, fewer chemicals are being wasted during industrial parts cleaning processes, and chemicals that were not entirely expended can now be used again for the next cleaning and degreasing cycle. In addition, negotiating contracts to use a sole proprietor of chemicals ensures that an agreement is in place for an industrial business to receive chemicals form one source, meaning industrial organizations will no longer have to purchase in bulk, which is the leading reason why chemical solvents become wasted during the cleaning process.

Waste reduction solutions. Touched on in the previous approach to saving money, waste reduction, which can be acquired through implementing chemical recycling services, also saves on costs associated with the disposal of chemical solvents. Industrial businesses know how expensive chemical disposal services can be. However, by utilizing Ecolink’s various methods of chemical recycling and provisional contracting that directly minimize waste reduction to a compelling degree, those expenses related to chemical disposal services can now be significantly reduced, and, in some instances, altogether eliminated.