Bulk Propylene Glycol – Best Uses and Suppliers

Purchasing bulk propylene glycol, is a great option for businesses in fields such as veterinary, pharmaceutical, air travel, or electronic cigarettes, that us large quantities of this chemical. Propylene glycol is used to absorb water, and has several uses such as a solvent, or de-icing agent, and purchasing in bulk is a great way to save money. If your company could benefit from purchasing bulk propylene glycol, you will first want to find a reliable supplier. Ecolink is an environmentally conscious provider of bulk chemicals such as propylene glycol, who can be trusted to supply their customers with both knowledge and a high quality product.

Who Can Benefit From a Bulk Supply of Propylene Glycol? 

  • Special Effects – Used in theatrical settings to create the effect of fog or smoke.
  • Airlines – Propylene Glycol can be used to de-ice airplanes.
  • Cosmetics – Propylene glycol is often added to cosmetic products, such as lipstick, to prevent freezing or melting when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Food Products – Used as an additive in packaged foods like dressings, ice cream, and breads to maintain moisture.
  • Pharmaceutical and Veterinary – Propylene Glycol is often found as an additive in many medicines.
  • Antifreeze – Propylene glycol is a main ingredient in antifreeze used for automobiles.

No matter what your use for propylene glycol is, you want to make sure you are purchasing from a trusted chemical supplier. Ecolink is a proud provider of bulk chemical supplies, who will work with you to find the chemical that best suits your specific needs, while providing a cost effective, high quality product. With the ability to provide bulk supplies from 5 to 55 gallons, Ecolink is equipped to service any industry in need of bulk chemicals. Contact us today to learn more about propylene glycol, or browse our products at our online store.