Bulk Denatured Alcohol – Uses and Suppliers

Denatured alcohol is a chemical additive, also known as methylated spirits, often used as a cleaning agent, fuel additive, solvant, or sanding aid. Industries that use large amounts of this chemical can benefit from finding a reliable supplier of bulk denatured alcohol. Purchasing in bulk can save your business money, and finding the right supplier that will deliver a high quality product is key. Whether you are using denatured alcohol to do something as simple to degrease or something more involved, like produce fuel products, you want to make sure you receive a high purity, high quality, denatured alcohol, and are well informed to keep yourself safe. When you choose a chemical supplier like Ecolink, you receive all this and more.

Who Should Use Denatured Alcohol? 

Denatured alcohol is versatile in the sense that it has many practical applications across a broad range of professional fields.  Some of the best uses of denatured alcohol are as follows:

Woodworking –  Denatured alcohol can be used to wipe wood clean after sanding, or remove stains and coatings from wood surfaces.

Extermination –  Denatured alcohol is considered poisonous if consumed and therefore can be used in pest extermination.

Industrial – A common use of denatured alcohol is as a cleaner. It is great for degreasing and removing sticky waxes or residues from metal surfaces, and for this reason is often used to clean industrial machinery.

Fuel – Often found in gasoline, denatured alcohol is a cost effective additive used to make gas more fuel efficient.

Denatured alcohol is a very common, cost effective chemical to be purchased in bulk. While safety precautions should be taken when working with any chemicals, denatured alcohol requires limited protective gear such as safety goggles and protective clothing. However, what is equally important to safe handling of chemicals is finding a responsible, trusted provider. Ecolink’s services are informative as well as environmentally conscious, and being a long time provider of industrial chemicals, you can trust the quality and purity of chemicals provided by Ecolink. We can help you find the bulk chemical supply that best suits your needs, from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. Contact us today to learn more about denatured alcohol.

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