Biocide for Water Cooling

Biocides for Water Cooling

Water is used often as a cheap, plentiful, and effective coolant in industrial settings. However, pumping large quantities through commercial equipment can often lead to the build-up of bacteria, fungi, and other organisms, particularly if the water comes from a natural source. 

To keep the system working efficiently and protect the health of the system and the people working with it, the water must be cleaned. Controlling the accumulation of organic material often comes down to the use of biocides for water cooling. 

Examples of BiocidesUsed in Water Cooling 

The most common method of controlling bacteria and other microorganism growth is through halogenation, which involves the introduction of chlorine or bromine. These compounds and their derivatives oxidize certain organic compounds, thus killing the organisms. However, other biocides used include: 

  • Chloramines 
  • Potassium Ferrate 
  • Ozone 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 
  • Iodine 
  • Peracetic acid 
  • Ammonium 

These compounds may be administered individually or in a biocide mix designed for the specific conditions of certain water cooling systems. It is important to understand the organisms you are targeting, but also the materials your cooling system is made of in order to choose the right biocide and dosage. 

Why Is Biocide Needed? 

Without proper management, excess organisms can cause damage and reduce the efficiency of water cooling. Active microorganisms in coolant water can cause corrosion to occur, with organic chemicals eating away at the structure, which is a safety concern.  

Additionally, microorganisms can accumulate on the metal membranes that transfer heat, in a layer known as a biofilm. This coating, which is usually soft and squishy, acts as an insulator and prevents heat from moving between the metal and the water, just like how a kitchen towel prevents your hand from burning when removing a hot plate from the microwave. Removing the biofilm layer is important for effective heat transfer.  

Interested in Biocides for Water Cooling? 

Whether it be a pure oxidizing agent, or a specialized blend specifically designed for water cooling systems, Ecolink provides many industrial solutions. If you find yourself in need of biocides or are simply curious about how to best protect your water cooling system, please reach out to us today!