Ayanna Cooper Internship Experience

Ayanna’s Internship Experience

When I saw Ecolink posted as an Internship opportunity on LinkedIn I knew I had to apply. While I have several internships under my belt, I was beyond excited to take on one where I could learn about SEO. I did not have any sort of chemistry background but as a risk-taker and a Writing major, I was intrigued. While I was unfamiliar with the company at first, I was impressed by the innovation and progressiveness they convey on social media.

How did you get out of your comfort zone?

Although I am a Writing major I had never written any SEO content nor have I had the opportunity to write so many blogs on topics I was unfamiliar with for a brand outside of my field. I believe one of the best parts of this internship was improving my research skills and being able to see the benefits of SEO and Digital marketing in real-time. Do I know a little bit about solvents, how to make edible oils, and how to get content ranked on Google? Of course, I do!

Ecolink’s internship has been one of my favorites and if I could go back and do it again, I would. This opportunity was not only flexible but accommodating as well. The amount of support was very appreciated. The Ecolink team could be reached at any time which was always very reassuring.

Ayanna’s Takeaways from the Internship

During my time with Ecolink I was able to do the following and more:

  • Structure engaging content and create various CTA for Ecolink and their branded sites
  • Learn how to avoid duplicates/repetitiveness in text
  • Create unique product names and keywords
  • Analyze and utilize GA (Google Analytics)
  • Research chemical topics and chemicals I was unfamiliar with

Ayanna’s Final Thoughts

There are truly not enough words I could provide to extend my sincere thanks to the Ecolink team for this opportunity. As someone who is about to graduate in just a few short weeks, my interest in UX and SEO has grown tremendously and this experience has aligned with that perfectly. I am beyond thankful that I was able to be a part of this internship experience before my Undergraduate career ends. I am honestly sad that this internship has to conclude. It has been such an insightful journey and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I can not wait to apply all I’ve learned here throughout my career journey! I’d recommend anyone who has a love for writing, and chemistry or simply wants to try something new to apply for this internship when it’s offered in the Spring or Summer.